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Monday, January 24, 2011

Third Generation Ford Taurus

Except for the last generation (2010+), the Taurus has never been a looker. It didn't look bad but didn't turn heads either. The third gen however, was ugly.

It graces us with its retarded catfish front end
Its chief designer, Jack Telnack, got his inspiration from comfy slippers. Not from fearsome animals or fighter planes, noooo, a god damn pair of slippers. It was a big departure from the boxy design of the previous models. Mercury also got its own version, known as the Sable. It looked just as bad.

The rear window reminds us of a submarine.

The wagon version shared its rear doors with the Sable sedan and that makes the hatch look like an afterthought. Again, the back window was directly taken from a submarine.

Seen from the side, the Taurus looks like a melting chocolate bar. The sloping trunk and bulbous side panels contributing largely to that.

One of the only good thing about this car is the SHO. Power came from a 235hp 3.4l V8 engine with Yamaha heads and a Cosworth block. Unfortunately it was only offered with a 4 speed auto. The third gen SHO is the only Taurus to ever get a V8.


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Anonymous said...

As weird as they look they're actually decent cars

Johnny Sabre said...

Ever seen the movie Class of 1999? It's not a great movie, but the evil robot villains drive a Ford Taurus because it was seen as futuristic looking back in 1990 when the movie came out. Pretty funny in hindsight.

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