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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mitsuoka Orochi

Say it ten times in a row with marshmallows in your mouth. Yep, still sounds better than it looks.Supercars have a knack for ugly and so do rich people. The Orochi name comes from an 8-headed Japanese dragon, Yamata no Orochi, so the design is vaguely reminiscent of a snake with strong touches of retarded 4-eyed catfish. But a supercar it ain't. Powered by a 231hp Toyota V6 mated to a 5 speed automatic transmission, Mitsuoka is trying to pass this as a supercar. The only good thing about it is the Honda NSX hiding under that skin.

The rear end carries on the retarded catfhish theme but adds eyebrows in the form of a an odd wing.

Mitsuoka even offered a topless version which somehow manages to look better than the original. For some reason they slapped gaudy chrome wheels on it.

And it only gets worse...


David said...

Wow. Supercars were special years ago but now everyone is building one.

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