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Monday, January 24, 2011

PT Cruiser, gaudy mods galore

The Personal Transport Cruiser was introduced in 1999 as a 2000 model under the Plymouth nameplate. 10 years and more than 1.3 million units later, Chrysler stopped production. During that time, it spawned a shitload of special editions, none of which were particularly special. Of notable mention are the turbo and the good ol' woodie version.

This does not give me wood

You can't deny the success the PT Cruiser had. At one time, Chrysler moved more than 150k of them a year. Unfortunately, some of them fell in the wrong hands. Its retro styling 'inspired' people to try and make it even better. Here are a few examples for your viewing displeasure.

These are fairly extreme examples but we've all seen one with stick on port holes and chrome moldings.


Anonymous said...

You are a cock !

Anonymous said...

all I said was "1.3 million people cant be wrong mate !

Anonymous said...

As you said in your introduction, Chrysler sold 1.3 MILLION Pt's. One of thier best selling cars. Yes you have shown some of the "extreme" customizations, but in the eyes of the owners thats what they want, and were is the harm in that?. No other modern car has spawned so many car clubs. The clubs are in every part of the world, they are a way of getting together having a good time and in some cases raising money for charities. So to end on, put your brain into gear before opening your mouth on a subject that, quite obviously, your know absolutley nothing about.

TUCB said...

Yes the owners are entitled to do whatever they want to their cars but it doesn't mean it looks good. The PT was a huge success. It and the New Beetle pretty much started the whole retro styling.

You are right that I don't know much about PT cruiser car clubs and what they do. I'm just pointing out that some of them are particularly ugly.

Anonymous said...

Ask a former PT Cruiser owner if they're still driving a Chrysler product. The answer will be NO! The PT Cruiser, like so many Chrysler products, were born and bread lemons! Why are imports so popular? That's a no brainer!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WOH there guys take it easy i dont own a PTC but i like the mods these owners did it shows creativity. Bottom line is it's not the Car or Truck fault if the owner don't take care of it and it starts to have problems.

Don't Matter what you own if you show it love it will last a Million miles. Anyone remember Married With Children the TV show Al Bundy had that old beat-up car took it to a Million Miles and loved the car from start till the end.

Some people don't like Ford's i owned 3 Fords i thought they were Ok cause i invested the time money and energy you need to when you own any car or truck. I had a bad time owning a 1968 Caddy don't mean all are bad i reached my cut off point money wise so i let it go.

I currently own a Chevy Trailblazer had some issues spent days and nights pulling out what little hair i have left on my head fixing it while my girlfriend yelled at me everyday come to bed stop spending so much time on that Truck. I fixed all the problems and now i Love my Chevy.

The PT Cruiser had a slow run cause alot of people didn't like the styling of the Car but i thought it was Fresh and diffrent the power wasn't there for me but it is never there Unless you buy a Lexus or BMW or Benz so you had alot of fans of the PT Cruiser that Modded the thing i like what people did in the above pictures.

Haters are gonna hate but Lovers will keep their Ride till it can't go anymore.

Lets stop hating and start loving what we got.
If you don't like the PT Cruiser too bad you don't have to.
Someone will.

And hey who says they won't bring it back anything old is New again Look at Ford Look at Dodge and Chevy they Bring old Models and Refresh them as New. Most people like it just that way. Peace Gear heads stay Up. by Steven Gates

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