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Thursday, January 27, 2011

First gen Hyundai Tiburon

Produced from 1996 to 2001, the Tiburon was Hyundai's first try at a sporty coupe. The Tibby used the 1.8l and the 2.0l 4 cylinder Beta I engine, rated at 130 and 140hp respectively. Hyundai later dumped the 1.8l variant. The car was rather competent for a first try.

1996-1998 Tiburon (RD)

Unfortunately Hyundai burdened its first sports coupe with love-it or hate-it styling. And even worse, it didn't age very well. In 1999, a facelifted version went on sale. To keep costs down, the same fenders were kept, making the turn signals stick out like a sore thumb next to the dual headlights. The odd fender creases accentuate the car's height, not a good thing on a "sports" car.

1999-2001 Tiburon (RD2)

The rear end got bigger taillights but they didn't help making it look good.

One big ass

Tuners got their hands on it and things sometimes didn't turn out well...

Sweet chrome moldings
Quarter window delete was a bad idea


Skunk Totem said...

Except for the XG300, I've never liked Hyundais, but the 2012s (especially the hybrid Sonata) are so awful...
1)they make the Tiburon look pretty.
2)they make the 1958 Edsel look gorgeous.
3)I'm almost afraid to be ahead of one in traffic, because anyone who likes 'em enough to buy one is so blind he's likely to plow into a school bus, to say nothing of my less-conspicuous Oldsmobile or my camo-green Caravan.

John said...

Quarter window delete was a bad idea what a car!.... this is awesome.

Anonymous said...

You need to include three more vehicles to your ugly car list: the 2010 to current Chevrolet Camaro, the 2009 to current Dodge Challenger, the 2005-2009 Dodge Magnum wagon and the 2005 to current Dodge Charger sedan (especially with the bumble bee stripes).

Shaira said...

i think it just need a renovation and clean it up so it would look good..

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roadster2005 said...

Stumbled across your blog while doing an article on ugly cars for my site Great blog...hope you update it soon...there are so many hideous cars, I am sure you can go on forever. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The only good looking automobiles built today are: Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Tesla, Lexus, Infiniti, some Hyundai models and some Nissans and Hondas. There's really nothing that Ford, GM and especially Chrysler build nowadays that are attractive to my eyes.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Why add the Dodge Challenger? At least it looks similar to the 1970s original, unlike the Camaro, Charger, Corvette....

Anonymous said...

why is this car here lol, I have the First gen tiburon, 1998 2.0l FX rd1 model, its at 151k and it runs great, only problems I have with it are because of winter I have some rust accruing underneath. Slap on a few light mods, cold air, intake and exhaust mani, clutch and lightweight flywheel and the thing smokes quite a few, even took on my friends 06' v6 tiburon 6spd and kept up with it thru 110mph. So in terms of speed and tourque its a winner. 1997 and 1998 aesthetically is better than 99-01 so I'm glad I have the better looking one, only thing for the exterrior that is lacking is the spoiler, its great shape and has a break light on it but it should be about 4-8inches higher. So, engine is great (very easy to turbo also, plenty of room), lasts a long time, and is actually quite roomy on the inside, im 6'1 and I have long legs and I don't have any issue inside the car.

Unknown said...

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A lovely Hyundai car.!!!!!

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