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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Subaru B9 Tribeca

The B9 Tribeca's peculiar front end was designed by a firm outside of  Subaru's design team, Fuore Design. The grille is supposed to remind you of Fuji Heavy Industries' glorious aviation history. While it is somewhat reminiscent of an airplane, it's brutally offensive to the eyes.

This thing was so ugly it got a major face and butt lift less than three years later. The facelifted version was a major improvement but only passable as a whole. It's hard to forget such an ugly mug.

It cannot be unseen

The rear 3/4 view is probably the less offensive way to look at it. It's not great but it's a beauty compared to the front.

As a full size SUV, the Tribeca wasn't bad. It was first offered with a 3.0L six cylinder boxer engine pumping out 250hp, Subaru's well know AWD system and third row seating. It won an award for best interior by Ward's Auto and did well in safety testings. If it weren't for its quirky design, the B9 Tribeca probably would have done better in its first years.


crane trucks said...

Haha...funny the way you describe it.To my eyes it does not look that ugly...but surely they should have played more with the looks,it may not be popular in such a design.

Methew said...

I have great experience with Subaru B9 Tribeca. Thank you for this review.

Anonymous said...

Just plain ugly

Unknown said...

I definitely love the interior design of the Subaru Tribeca. I know that cars have their respective capacity when it comes to engine and performance and that is why I look more at its design.

Unknown said...

Subaru Tribeca is a nice car and my fleet maintenance manager likes this so much! This was a great review!

Unknown said...

Dart Vader look

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