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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Still ugly going 240mph

The Weber supercar, one of the most powerful and fastest supercar around, yet incredibly ugly. You will need a million and a half dollars to get your hands on this thing. This isn't the kind of car you buy for its good looks. It's the kind of car you buy to brag and impress. Or to look like a douche driving what looks like an aborted kit car.

There is no need to describe how or why this car is awful to look at. From the odd front grille to the concave roof, it's all wrong. Its only saving grace is the wheels.

The rear end is a fantastic conglomerate of bad taste.

It does have a cool profile. It hides most of the ugly.


degoragon said...

Wouldnt be so bad if the grille was designed different and the back was less cluttered

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